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Technology today is constantly reshaping and reimagining the global consulting and software sector, with companies predominantly opting to go digital as automation and innovation fuel a virtual takeover. Thus organizations who understand, recognize and adapt to these changing times, benefit the most.

Walto embraces arrival of customized software applications, since organizations now look to become more efficient by streamlining and facilitating processes that help reduce costs, gain competitive advantages and build innovative products and solutions all in a technological framework that is geared to design and deploy solutions that are pivotal to business success.

Our Digital Operations Factory model manufactures a structured suite of digital delivery capabilities, allowing us to correctly identify and define the issue at hand, design and subsequently deploy those business products or solutions that have a lasting impact and are of value to our clients.

At Walto, we also understand that the marketplace today is primarily digital and perpetually dynamic, thus through our business products and solutions we strive to marry your purpose with your people and its related processes as these are the prerequisites to navigating within this digital landscape.

Our team consists of functional and technical experts who understand the intricacies of the marketplace and the need for practical, cost-effective and efficient business products and solutions.

At Walto, we strive to provide our clients with business products and solutions that enable them to not be prisoners of their past, rather be pioneers of the future.

Our Vision

Walto envisions driving innovation and value through smart and affordable technology. Together we strive to be a blueprint for excellence in People, Process and Technology and build a culture that resonates empathy and nurtures entrepreneurship.

With Walto, you are always in safe hands.

We pride ourselves in driving innovation and business solutions that are practical and effective.

Structured Approach

Structure & process maturity of the client determines the engagement approach- Measured (or) Agile


Plan to perform an integrated approach and complete end state visibility for key outcomes and deliverables

Base lining

Accurate & structured diagnostics ahead of the engagement to ensure that all the objectives are met


Knowledge repositories and industry frame works enable benchmarking of all deliverables to Best-in -Class comparisons

We believe our strengths lie in the differences, not the similarities amongst us.

At Walto, our products and solutions are fueled by the diverse voices of our employees that help us reach you, our customers. Diversity and inclusion are more than just words to us, it is the very foundation upon which we have built our company. We embrace all the different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds as they create a stronger and a more creative work environment that yields in results beyond our customers expectations.

We believe that equality in the workforce isn't just the right thing to possess, but the only way employees bring their best to the workforce. Thus we don't see our employees being inclusive or diverse, but equal.

Meet the team, that collaborates to put our collective imagination to work

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